Excellency in plastic surgery is revealed at the first contact with doctor Benslimane.

More than a consultation, it is a comprehensive presentation about beauty and youth that is exposed: What makes the freshness and the youth of a face? How to achieve it?

Hence, the same approach is followed for the silhouette: what is a beautiful waist? A beautiful sway? Beautiful legs? at the light of new original concepts developed by Doctor Benslimane in the past ten years, you will know the gap between the reality of your body and its ideal model, as well as the ways of reshaping the curves of your body. Furthermore, doctor Benslimane will not hesitate to refuse the surgery if he considers that he cannot improve your silhouette.

This consultation is necessary in order to establish the precise cost of your intervention. Do not hesitate to contact the doctor's office at (+212) 522 991966 / 67 .